When a beautiful young English teacher arrives at his school, Rajesh Deshpande – science teacher in the small Indian town of Nandrapur – is thrown into confusion. Modern, articulate and educated in Britain, she is the woman of his dreams – if only he can find a way to make her feel the same about him. Late at night, reading his favourite journal, Rajesh stumbles across the news that will transform his life.

‘Conflicts between fundamentalist religious believers and equally fundamentalist believers in science, and between humdrum domesticity and imaginary romantic encounters – Eclipse of the Sun contains them all, and does so with humour, elegance and wit. This is a remarkably assured first novel’ – Church Times

‘A little masterpiece. Perhaps economy is the key to Whitaker’s brilliance. Nothing is overdone’ – Spectator

‘It is remarkable that a British author should have written such a believable story about India. Phil Whitaker is clearly a writer to watch’ – Daily Telegraph

‘Whitaker has managed with exquisite sensitivity to capture the feel and tone of the country. thoughtful and imaginative’ – Times

‘There is such a fluid feel to this novel – sit back, relax, it seems to say, and I will show you something touching and sad yet funny and entertaining and do it in such style you will believe it all truly happened’ – Margaret Forster

‘An accomplished first novel. deft and touching. the book is written so easily, in a confident and inviting style that is both convincing and beguiling’ – Scotsman

‘Generously humoured, genuinely humane’ – Sunday Times

‘An enchanting novel’ – The Good Book Guide