Meet Mick and John McDonald. Brothers who share almost everything. Mick is the man who made it. A TV doctor with a lovely home, married to gorgeous Jules and now with the perfect daughter. There’s only one problem. Asleep or awake, he can never escape John, his conjoined twin.

In this rollicking, freewheeling novel, John tells his side of the story. A struggling writer, dedicated drinker and demonstrative admirer of his sister-in-law, how can things possibly end well? Funny and thought-provoking, Freak of Nature is an ingenious reworking of the classic love triangle that gets to the heart of what makes us human.

‘A love triangle between two people, a ribald rumination on the nature of self. Whitaker has gone where no novelist has dared to go before’ – Marcus Chown

‘Funny, engaging, insightful and even moving. masterful’ – Phil Hammond