Five star

The best corrective to a disappointing paucity of coverage in the ever-contracting mainstream books pages is to read reactions from real readers. The latest 5 star review on Amazon┬áis such a cracker that I’m reproducing it here in full. Thank you, Mr A Skinner of London!

‘I am astonished that this highly intelligent and beautifully written book has not achieved a much higher profile, and critical acclaim. It has a great deal to say about life, love and relationships, but says it in a quiet, unshouty, reasonable way. I was also astonished that it was written by a man. This is essentially a story about two complex and intelligent women, and, to my masculine ear at least, sounds true in every word. I would be very interested to hear the female perspective of the writing and the characters.
I only discovered it by accident, lurking quietly in a pre-Christmas interview with book publishers, about which books they wished they had published in 2016. It deserves a very wide audience, and I have been recommending it to all my friends, who have any interest in quality literature.’

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Phil Whitaker

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